We have our own garage 200 yards from Malaga Airport.

We are a small car hire business three miles from San Pedro de Alcantara, ten from Marbella and eight from Estepona. Our objective is to supply cars to people staying in this area. The business is run by Chris and Michael Poole who have been living here for 30 years. We are pleased to help all of our clients find their destinations and make no charge for this service. All cars have air conditioning, power steering, electric windows, radio CD and have airbags.

You will not be overcharged and forced to pay for a full tank of fuel as is the norm here now, they put 45 or 50 Euros of fuel in the car and charge 90 to 100 Euros for it. We will put 30 Euros of fuel in and charge you 30 Euros for it. You will also not be charged any extra if you have an additional driver, nor will you be charged 100 Euros extra for tow truck insurance, nor will you be obliged to leave a deposit of 500 to 1200 Euros which you will have great difficulty getting back later, to force you to pay 8-15 Euros a day for C.D.W (Collision Damage Waiver). The price you pay is the price we will give you, and is the reason why despite the recession we have had our busiest year last year, as it appears all the big firms have invented ways of putting a cheap price on the internet and then charge you a lot more when you collect the car. Also we are not looking for any excuse to get extra money out of you when you return the car. You can feel very comfortable that if anything does happen you will be treated extremely sympathetically. As an old established business we do not believe in sharp practice. Our garage is only 200 yards from the Airport terminal and as we only have about 20 cars queues of 1 or 2 hours to collect the car do not exist at our garage, there is no queue.

When you rent from us you will receive a car cleaned properly inside and out, driven between rents to check for faults, oil, water, and screenwashers always done, and tyres checked with our own digital gauges which are accurate. If any tyre is down even 2 psi we go round it looking for nails and screws, we often find them. When we have punctures repaired we will only have them vulcanized, not plugged. This is more inconvenient for us as it involves removing the tyre from the wheel to repair it. Your safety depends on the tyres. Every one of our cars has a spare wheel which means your car is not paralysed for 1 or 2 days if you get a puncture at the weekend. About half the cars on sale now do not come with a spare wheel, and only 17 % have a full size spare. We have bought them for all our cars. At the Airport you do not have to wait for a courtesy coach to take you to the depot to collect the car, and wait in a queue to do your contract. We give you the car at the airport terminal and have contracts ready when we have the details. All cars are complete with all documentation legally required, warning triangles, reflective waistcoats, and spare bulb kits. If you lose the key all hire companies in Malaga send them out by taxi, that will cost you about 85 euros and keep you waiting about an hour and a half. They charge for the cost of the key on top of that. We keep our spare keys here in San Pedro where we live, and make no charge for delivering them locally. If you leave the lights on by mistake or get a puncture we normally can come round quickly to help. All these things have happened to our customers and are some of the reasons why we do not need to advertise and keep our customers. You are required to give a credit card swipe as a guarantee irrespective of how you pay for the car.

The types of car available are as follows:

Fiesta Size

Fiesta Size Automatic

Focus Size

Focus Size Automatic

Mondeo Size

Renault Scenic type

Renault Scenic type Automatic

Mondeo Estate

Zafira Automatic 7 seater


All hires of About 3 weeks or more are subject to a good discount, which is greater the longer the hire.

Contact Info:
E-Mail: poolerentacar@hotmail.com
Telephone Number and Fax: (00 34) 952 88 55 89
Mobile Phone: (00 34) 619 44 66 88